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I'm a crazy chick who somehow ended up a volunteer reviewer for Miss Portia de Moncur. I read m/m books and review them as honestly and passionately as I can.

A Sheep In Wolf's Clothing - Tielle St. Clare Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


I disliked this book quite a lot and for that reason I’m not going in to specific details about the story. Unfortunately I don’t do well with paranormal stories that include werewolves/shifters where the shifter is described as a pet animal. The fantasy of having your adorable little puppy changing into a hot man to warm your sheet in the night is so not something I enjoy. It is a common mistake people make and confuse wild animals with pets. You can’t play “throw the damn stick” with a wolf, you don’t pet and cuddle a lion or tiger, you don’t write a story that the very thing that attracts us to the wilderness is humiliated and annihilated.

Reese could have been such a strong character here, even blind, yet he was reduced to a sick version of a werewolf. The aggression showed on occasion from him or his pack was ludicrous and everything they did in their wolf form was practically a joke. Even when Reese truly shifted and let that wild side run free it was lost in the entirety of the book.

Furthermore I had a big, or rather huge issue with the plot. It had huge holes there that didn’t make for enjoyment. The time in the lab, the jumping from one important event into another without exploring and developing it, the crazy scientists who were anything other but solid, the Stockholm syndrome one of the characters developed and was left so hazy and aloof, how some events felt like they happened just for the sake of getting the couple in a more intimate place hence their logic somehow failed… and many more.

For me this was a badly-written, low-budget horror flick where everything, the plot, the backstory and all in it existed solely for the benefit of the sex-scene, which while they didn’t fail sensuality and eroticism were ruined by lack of back-up. Not the best book I’ve read for sure, but it wasn’t even slightly ok in my list.