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Drama Queens With Love Scenes - Kevin Klehr 3.5 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


What a strange book this one was. I don’t know if I loved it or hated it. I think a little bit of both. The idea behind the book is choices we make in life, or don’t; missed opportunities, regrets, Afterlife and unfinished business.

Allan has been friends with Warwick for a year now; an instant chemistry and a “special” friendship. He gradually fell in love with him, made up his mind to let him know his feelings, yet every time he opened his mouth to do just that, all the monologue he had perfected in his mind got crushed under the weight of stage fright. Just when he finally made a move toward claiming his love, life slipped under their fingers, the boat suddenly lost and limbo waited.

Confusion is perhaps the word to describe the Afterlife for our pair. Confusion is what I experience as well. When this book starts it instantly requires your full attention to get into it, or you get lost in the swirls of the plot, and the unique blend if different times, cultures and aspect of life. People from the past, people from the future, people from the present all gathered in this peculiar place. Nothing makes sense for the characters, not much make sense for us, yet a constant element is there to ground us and not let us fly onto uncertainty and chaos. Guy, the wonderful, charming angel is the one reminder of what is or could be.

This is the story of Allan. His unrequited love for Warwick, a beloved friend, a coveted lover, a soul mate almost lost forever. This is the story of Allan and his growth as a man, his lesson of first loving oneself and then charge forward for the love of your soul. This was an incredible story about human fears, told in a strange way, behind riddles and delicious drama.

It might frustrate you a bit; I know it did me quite a lot. I felt agony along with Allan in this chase for his man, getting him within his reach only to lose him right the next moment again, and again. It felt like a sucker punch and God but it hurt even reading it. It was excellent from a point onward, after having finally gotten into the theme of the book I enjoyed it immensely, hence my forewarning to keep your wits and give this book your full attention from page one.

At this point, after having come to terms with the dreamlike state this book twist you about I’m eagerly waiting for its sequel. I wouldn’t have thought it possible when I first started reading it, it took me a while to appreciate it, but I definitely would recommend this one to lovers of fine and artistically written books and romances that seduce you with their subtle passion. Keep in mind there is a bit angst and drama there to go with, but that just makes it all the better. Enjoy.