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Betrayed by Trust - Ana Barrons 2.5 Hearts

Review written for Naughty Tales Reviews


This was quite a nice romance and enjoyed it, albeit it was a bit hard for me to get into it from the start. Somehow the beginning was not that interesting to grip my attention. However as I progressed through the story, once I got to know what’s going on and who’s who, I must say it was almost a compelling read.

Joe Rossi is a character that will make you his from the moment you see him in a scene. He introduces himself somewhat a mystery and slowly shows us the sensitive parts of his personality. Truth be told, he’s too good to be true. I kind of liked the little parts where he got to be a bad boy, but unfortunately they were not plenty and he quickly turned back to Mr. Nice-Guy.

As for Cathrine, Jeez what an idiot. Excuse me while I rant about her for a little bit, but her stun at Ned’s house was just plain stupid. I didn’t like that part at all and while the author had maintained a nice profile for her that far, being an intelligent, beautiful and nice woman and all that, I think she sunk this character way beyond Zero with that scene. Thankfully it was toward the end and it didn’t ruin the read for me.

Heat-wise I think this book was in between hot and lukewarm (hence the moderate heat level, duh), but what I’m trying to say is that while it was nice and sexy and the chemistry was all there, it had potential for more, much, much more. It’s a shame the author didn’t pursue that angle and heighten it up a notch or two.

And as for the plot, well, this Washington being a big bed where everyone knows, nobody tells and murders are yet another hobby… I don’t know, it seemed a bit too much when all was cleared and light finally shone in the mystery. In a way, I liked it, I felt the suspense was good enough, on the other hand I felt it was over the top. I don’t know, can’t make my mind about it.

But regardless of my personal likes and dislikes, I felt this was an enjoyable read in its whole so if you’re fond of sexual conspiracy and suspense and the hot-bed Washington “apparently” is, with the addition of a hot stud and a nice/gorgeous woman whose love in the end prevails, well then you might want to give this a shot.