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Stockholm Syndrome - Sage Marlowe 2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Wow, it’s the first time that I read a book by Sage and don’t quite like it. I’m a bit stunned by this fact and don’t know how to deal with it, however it remains a fact that this book didn’t have that magic hold that Sage’s previous works have had on me so far.

In this book we meet Dan and Bryan. Dan a bodyguard and Bryan an actor, and the story is pretty obvious that they’ll fall for each other. Nice premises and I couldn’t wait to read it. It gets better as the plot is somewhat a mystery that you don’t get to really see until you’re far into the plot. Dan is trying to find Bryan’s stalker however Bryan isn’t helping. As a matter of fact during the entire read Bryan is resisting and trying to hide his any involvement or knowledge about his stalker. I kept wondering why and it wasn’t till the near end that this is revealed.

This part of the mystery I loved, I liked and enjoyed a lot. So you’ll very well wonder why on earth I didn’t like the book. It’s just that the characters held no power over me. Bryan was sketchy and completely unapproachable for me the whole way. I read about him and it felt as if I was reading about a liar and that had no appeal to me whatsoever. Even when the truth was revealed and the veil of mystery gone I still couldn’t bring myself to care. It was a bit too late for the vulnerability of his character to evoke feelings from me. I mean, I did pity him, but that’s that.

And as for Dan, oh my God what a character, what an utter idiot. He was supposed to be a bodyguard and very good at his job right? But he’d fallen from his bosses good graces because he screwed up his former assignment. And ok, I can understand screwing up once, it’s human. But then, this story starts with his boss giving Dan a second chance and guess what, goes on and does the exact same thing that should have cost him his job in first place. Ugh… Moving on, everything his did was against his job, so much so that I was thinking, this guy doesn’t have the slightest idea what a bodyguard position requires, I wondered if he could even carry a gun for crying out loud. He made one mistake after another and when the shit hit the fan, ok guess… Yep he didn’t move a muscle, nothing, zero, zip. Stood there watching the scene as if he was at the damn movies. Ah, so frustrating. Then, there was the fact that Bryan’s character was so damn fishy, that I wondered all the time why on earth he fell in love with him in first place. It just didn’t make sense. Their love scenes yes were as hot and steamy as I’ve come to expect from Marlowe to write, but it was just that that I saw and felt. Lust I get it, but I totally missed the love part there, saw no connection whatsoever and during the entire read felt detached and waiting for something to happen to make get into it more.

Anyway, I simply didn’t get into this one and feel this book needed a bit more work into it, so I’m crossing my fingers and waiting for Sage’s next one.