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I'm a crazy chick who somehow ended up a volunteer reviewer for Miss Portia de Moncur. I read m/m books and review them as honestly and passionately as I can.

Hitched - Sean Michael Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Well I was expecting a kinky and funny little short here, but that is not exactly what I got. Thing is I came to dread those three little words, you which ones, the “I love you”. I suppose this being a proposal/wedding themed story I shouldn’t have been surprised, yet silly me I had a difficult time getting used to read them every five sentences.

All in all I don’t think this plot was ideal for me. The kinky stuff that should have made it worth it simply didn’t reach me. I couldn’t get into the spanking/bl routine the guys had; I couldn’t get into the mushy lovey-dovey situation at all, and of course a wedding and all the drama it entails, good God I seriously disliked it.

The character frustrated me a bit too. There was so much love in the air and zero communication; Jim was such a weird creature, so very anxious that I had trouble liking, and Markus, well I was too indifferent of him.

Their intimate scenes being practically the same thing over and over again didn’t help much to create a nice atmosphere or get the reader enticed and enthralled with. A serious lack of creativity there and I found myself wondering why am I reading the same passage all over again in a different page.

Bottom end, this simply wasn’t my gig. For a D/s relationship I expected something else and didn’t enjoy what I got much.