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Small Miracles - Ellen Holiday 3.5 Hearts

Review written for MM Good book Reviews


A very sweet and touching story Small Miracles tells the story of Cal, a homeless young man who is downright hopeless. In one of those most horrible days of his life, when he’s soaked wet from the rain and trying desperately to prevent fainting from cold and hunger he is offered some kindness when gorgeous Matt offers him a cup of coffee and a meal. But Matt’s offering continues when he offers Cal a place to crash for the night without any “payment” from Cal.

And that’s how Cal finds himself in danger of believing the fairytale. It’s so easy to soak up Matt’s warmth, it’s so easy to get lost in his generosity and it’s too easy to give himself to Matt, their attraction huge and undeniable. But the hurt and pain that comes when dreams shatter is not worth the try, or is it?

Yes this story is very much the “contemporary fairytale” kind. It’s too easy to get attached to Cal; his life story is irresistible and quite heartbreaking. He’s had quite the bad luck and when a slight break comes his way, he is too afraid to take the risk and dare hope that things might change. His resistance is perfectly understandable and even though at some point I was shaking my head at his stubbornness I still could feel for this character.

Matt though is a different story and he is a character I totally distrust. Wealthy beyond reason and way out of Cal’s league he just picked Cal in an impulse and gave him “everything” reasoning it as him being selfish and Cal being his soul mate. It’s this character that makes this whole read look like a fairytale.

But it was such a nice reading, I loved the writing very much. The author’s ability to evoke emotions and deliver sentiments is great. The pair’s lovemaking was exquisite and quite romantic as well. It felt almost like poetry when those two came together.

In the end this is a book I wouldn’t hesitate recommend to people who love a good happily ever after and romance.