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All in the Details - A.K.M. Miles No Rating

Ah, this book, this book was such a hardship for me to read and I found so many, many things frustrating.

The core of the story is about Beau. He is a very peculiar man with many quirks and a healthy case of OCD. That suits him fine though and help him make a thriving work as an event planner, designer and whatever else has to do with details. Hell his company is called Details and people like him just for that, because nothing escapes his eye. On his way to one such event he stops at a small store to buy some white balloons. There the craziest thing happens when two little boys find a gun under a shelf. In his attempt to prevent the boys from picking it up and hurting themselves he gets tangled in a situation where the owner of the story and the kid’s mom think he owns that gun, and when the police gets involved the one question he keeps repeating is if he looks like someone that would own a gun.

While the situation gets cleared several things are set in motion. One of the officers clearly dislikes him for being gay while the other, handsome, sexy officer Nash shows a great interest on that fact. Through many events that follow Beau in his steps he has the opportunity to meet Officer Nash better and the two of them start dating. But them dating does not sit well with some people that are buried in their ignorant beliefs, and thus Beau and Nash get surrounded by hate threats, vandalism and criminal actions. But together they stand and face them down in the end getting rewarded with the biggest blessing of them all…

So, while the core story seems interesting and sweet enough I did not like the execution at all. The title is telling in that part as the entire read was one mass of details. Out of 300+ pages I think half of them involved Beau’s job describing in detail every single color of every single flower and every single thing they used for every event they took. Every scene that followed so a study on how to perfectly describe every corner of a place missing nothing and frankly most of the time not only did I found that boring but I didn’t see the point of it. I couldn’t care less about how the dinner party was displayed or the baby shower and the different things they had to order, or the bride’s-to be freaking dress. It was not only unnecessary but in the end it put me off big time.

From the entire above paragraph one would expect that an overabundance of details about the main character’s life, but that was not the case. While we had every single detail described from the moment the story started and on, we did not get much information about the character’s past. Oh, of course there was the old childhood stories and the history of their names and houses, and how and why they decorated the way they did, but personality wise, the things that make a man, were completely lost.

Through the entire read I kept wondering, what was the story behind Beau’s pinching his left side every time he got stressed. He was fat at some point I guess, that was never confirmed. Nash was in the army for eight years but nothing was backed with a story that would show him how he became the man he did. Except the very early childhood there was nothing on the two thirty years old men to show for their personality or life. My point being that while they seemed cute and adorable and the “awww” factor was raised quite a lot, I didn’t care for them. Those characters are completely out of my heart and didn’t even come close to touching it.

And then there was the plot and the writing i.e. dialogues and voice of narration. Plot wise, this book was a complete failure for me. The moment this book started it was so transparent it held no interest at all. You knew the pair, you saw how it would come between them, you knew the villain and you could literally see every step how he would follow as well. The highlight of tension was the damn rain in an outdoors event Beau had to overcome and then something happened at the last quarter of the book, that had me groaning in frustration with the easiness things kept flowing. The fact that the voice was overly sweet and quite sappy didn’t help. The fact that everybody was so very polite and considerate and oh my God flattering of each other di NOT help either. As a matter of fact this was all a very unrealistic read that had me detached and miles away from relating early on. Such a shame really because I do love OCD characters so much, hell I was a fan of Monk for crying out loud. But no, this here didn’t match and was quite hard reading through it.

Bottom end, I didn’t like it and wouldn’t recommend it unless you don’t mind all the above.