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Callers' Secrets - Charlie Piersol 3.5 Stars

Well, if this wasn’t a very interesting book all the way from page one. I am pleasantly shocked and if this read didn’t contain some kinky scenes that did not bode well with my personal tastes, it would very well be one of those 5 star rated books I love and want to re-read all over again. But let us go view a bit of the story.

Meet Ren. A charming young man of twenty, Ren is not the average guy you see on the street. He may seem so, albeit in a very androgynous beauty, but Ren is special. Ren is a Fantasy Muse, a Fuse as he jokingly calls himself. A Fuse is a charmer, a fantasy enhancer, he lets himself be “seen” and when the persons of interest goes away, back in the privacy of their homes, they call on his image, engage in a sexual fantasy featuring Ren. What the humans do not know is that they literally call Ren, he’s there with them not only in their fantasy, but in the very room, invisible to them, enhancing their experience. As a result Ren has seen many things, done them as well. You could very well call him a Sex-Guru, and he’s very content with his life. On the outside he’s a computer geek and on the inside a pure, steaming hot, inspiration.

And now meet Will, a twenty six years old professor, handsome and confident, charming as hell, but also a bit conservative and shy. What a combination, at least from the outside. Inside Will is a complete and total mess. Raised in a Christian family by a hardcore religious mother, Will struggles with the guilt he’s been taught to feel whenever he indulges in the pleasures of the flesh. Hiding behind his finger, Will is so far in the closet, his true self doesn’t even know the feel of light. Until he lays eyes on Ren and his sexual fantasies go raging. His fantasy self is far from the image he poses, in his fantasies he’s strong and one might say dominant with a fair share of special kinks.
Naturally Ren is curious about this man. Will intrigues him and sets him on fire. Being young and inexperienced in the human world Ren pursues Will and well makes mistakes in the way. For Ren, not letting your true self shine bright, hiding and admonishing one’s self for having sexual fantasies and kinks is beyond the sphere of his imagination. He’s raised to inspire them after all. And the more he gets to know Will, the more time he spends with him in reality and fantasy, the more Ren falls in love.

But things go south when during their fantasy sessions together Ren finds out Will’s many secrets. Secrets Ren can’t challenge unless he’s willing to explain to Will how he truly knows about them. And secrets we all know, if they’re buried long enough, they come back with a vengeance. In the end the only course of action that remains is perhaps to delete their very acquaintance and give up his first love…
There is more, so much more of this story, but I will not be a spoiler and let you enjoy it for yourselves. At this point I have to make my remarks on this read.

First there is the fantasy story, and oh dear did I love the concept of the Fuse. It was like every fantasy come true. Ren in his ethereal self was outstanding, hot and desirable. His beauty was almost palpable through the words of his description. A description I might at that was Spartan in a way, just a few detail here and there made for the perfect image in my head not bothering me with too much tiresome information. I loved the core of this storyline, I hope there are more to come from this awesome sexual fairyland.

As for the personality of these characters there I found my first bumps. Ren in reality is a bit immature. He’s too young and being a Fuse he’s been homeschooled and kept away from the human society for the most part of his life. His reactions are often childish to the point of spoiled. I didn’t like that about him. He’s supposed to have studied phycology while homeschooled as well, but we only get that information in the end and he only acts the like at that end part. Other than that he’s easily angered and crosses boundaries in the blink of an eye. I suppose that was his role, still I disliked that about him. Adding to the above is the fact that he fell in love with Will just as quickly. I didn’t get that part, was it because he was a Fuse and his emotions/feeling mature faster? If not, the speed of his fall was not in his favor.

As for Will, I spend some amount of time thinking and pondering why on earth Ren fell for him in first place. It lucked like lust all the way to me. He never had the opportunity to actually meet Will, to get to know him, and of course neither did I. For me Will was a very disturbed case in need of serious help. He did overcome his problems almost magically.

And the last aspect of this read that had me totally in its grip was the language it was written. To say it was brass and lewd and blunt is not enough. I was confused about this author by the writing, I was not sure if it was a he or a she. The thought that this is an m/m book written for men by a man crossed my head way too many times. The approach the characters had toward each other and their view and actions were exactly that. Manly. Male. Awesome!

It was a fresh breath to read this book, quite invigorating. I adored it all with the exception of the above “fall in love too quickly” issue and the major kink scenes of watersports that was so NOT my thing. Thing is I really considered abandoning the read at some point because of that, but the storyline, the written language, the approach were so alluring that I simply sucked it up and moved beyond that part. I was rewarded with a hell of a ride, one that I wouldn’t want to miss.
I suggest you don’t miss it too, it was a truly interesting take on life, love and society.