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Dreaming in Color - Cameron Dane 3.5 stars

Can dreams come true…? Can you fall in love in a dream and make it happen in reality…? Can the past come in your dreams and sweeten its way into you so you finally let go…?

Colin Baxter is in love. The man of his dreams is perfect, sexy and sexual in so many ways he has Colin wanting for more. The man of his dreams is suffering though a great emotional pain and Colin is determined to help him through it, make him happy. The man of his dreams for two years remains faceless and nameless for he exists only in Colin’s dreams. But Colin is in love. With him and with his house with the red door.
Marek Donovan’s sadness, pain and guilt have not lessened one bit. For two and a half years his nightmares go round and round grabbing pieces of his lover’s death and mixing it with that one thing from his teen days that kills him every single night. He is meant to be alone; he deserves no kindness or love. He is guilty for so many things.

Going down to the Fijis for his best friend’s wedding, Colin is shocked to the core when he sees the white house, with the blue tiles and the red door in one of the little islands. He recognizes it immediately as his dream house and he is positive the owner is a man, his man, the man he’s meant to be with. His surprise heightens when he finds out that the owner, the man of his dreams is Marek. They know each other from their teen days, but now the adult Marek is a reclusive, in a lot of pain and nearly unreachable. How can Colin tell him that he’s been having dreams about the two of them and the house for two years without coming as crazy? And how can Marek let him around, slowly taking hold of his house when he has so much to hide?

This book was so peculiar it had me in a grip constantly. The mystery/suspense aspect of the dreams coming reality was very good. I was always wondering “what’s next” and was not disappointed. I loved the fact that reality did not happen exactly like the dreams. Colin although being in a much exited state, and who wouldn’t be in his case, tried and managed for most of the time to distinguish dreams from real life. However it surprised me that Marek accepted him in his life so easy. They might have known each other in the past briefly, and yes Marek has his huge amount of guilt for the terrible bashing that happened to Colin back then, but they are near strangers now and for me he opened his house and let Colin in way too easy.

The same goes for his side of love. Colin had two years of falling in love with the man in his dreams, and then feeling the man in flesh and blood only enhanced that love and made it stronger. Albeit he didn’t know the man at all, he still had lots of time to form some emotions. Marek was in Colin’s presence for only one week and the actions he takes later in order to bring him back for ever, well that was too idyllic for my taste. Too fast, too unbalanced a relationship, it was what made me roll my eyes and lose some interest.

I do have to acknowledge the bashing scene though. It was crude, it was fierce and it didn’t shy away emotionally. Very well portrayed and it managed to make me cringe inside, not a very easy thing to accomplish.
But the most important part in this book beyond the paranormal activity the house played on Colin was the pair’s sexual life within that one week the met. It was hot and sexy, yes, and it was perhaps a bit too much. I kept thinking that while there are aspects of paranormal activity in the house, it is also set on a contemporary world, and these two men may have a bit too much activity going on there for it to be realistic enough. And my biggest complaint of them all; what was wrong with the damn bed? I don’t recall a single scene in it. And it looked like the perfect bedroom *sigh*. But what with this being fiction I’ll excuse any over the top activity, because it worked well for the pair and they did have this touch between them, this too intense feeling that reaches you beyond the typed words.

The ending of this novel though, THAT didn’t work for me, at all. If I had to use one word for it, it would be “sentimental” and I don’t like that word much. It was so the cliché, overly sweet, romantic ending one’s used to see in a Jane Austen book.

As I said though it was indeed a very peculiar book and even there were things that didn’t work for me, I enjoyed it a lot. I would certainly recommend it to the “forever romantic” fans.