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I'm a crazy chick who somehow ended up a volunteer reviewer for Miss Portia de Moncur. I read m/m books and review them as honestly and passionately as I can.

Wrangler Butts - Jon Keys Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Oh my what a ride! (Pun intended)

I must say that this is one of those reads I have that I don’t know if I really, really liked it or if I hated it. It was definitely a skin-crawling experience reading this book.

Well first thing’s first, and I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t comment on the poor, poor editing. Jumping between first person narrations to third and using different tenses in the script is not my idea of an easy read. It literally slows you down, throws your concentration to pieces and irritates you. Yes, yes I know, it’s free, but still it slowed my reading considerably.

That being said you might want to keep in mind that there is an overabundance of sexual scenes in this book. Somewhere in between all the possible cowboy-fantasies the human mind can conjure there was a plot too, one that admittedly I liked a lot.

This story is about Darrin and Mitch, two Texans in college. Darrin is working his PhD on agriculture when a new grad student joins him in his little office. And boy, Mitch is the personification of every single wet dream Darrin ever had. Smaller than Darrin, Mitch is more muscular with a killer body and a nice thick fur. The body hair escaping from Mitch’s T-shirt drive Darrin crazy the moment he lays eyes on the young cowboy.

The first part of their story contains a huge amount of Darrin’s fantasies and drooling over Mitch, always in an extreme state of arousal every time he’s around or even thinking of his colleague. And that is all the time. Just when it’s about to be overtiring the plot kicks in and the guys have a chance on some get together when they both go to their research station and are practically forced to live together for the duration of the summer. While Darrin has been hiding his sexuality well for more than the six months he’s been confronted with his frustrating temptation, he slips and is literally surprised that instead of a gay bashing he’s face to face with the moment his wildest dreams are about to get true.

Their story is simple, they get together and try to get through their college while facing the fanatics that want the so called “aberration” of the gay whipped off the world. Some near dramatic events occur, some bittersweet ones too and love finds its way and amazes us with its simplicity. Honestly, if this book wasn’t drown in the sexual scenes, with the guys humping each other on every single page, it would have been one of those really, really good reads that have you sigh and wish it didn’t end. As it is I ended this reading with a relieved sigh.

And because I love being completely honest I am going to admit here that those scenes, yes the ones that were way too many, were also extremely hot. I know some might not find them so, the language used was so coarse it would make a sailor blush, and the images were… well, unique. You don’t have your typical guy here, no, no, no. You get all straight maleness and hairy bears, and downright filthy, dirty sex and sex-talk. Some made me shudder, some made me fan myself and some made me think I’m watching porn. The hazards of having a livid imagination I guess. But all in all, that was hmm, invigorating I should say, a fresh breath and one that met my “cup of tea”.

So it is safe to say that while I didn’t go whooping around and aww-ing, I sure did like it. Won’t be re-reading it anytime soon (it did give me a headache what with all the grammar errors) but I do suggest you give this one a go.