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At Piper's Point - Ethan Day 4 Hearts
Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This was a very interesting story to read. I fell in love with it not in first sight, but in a steady pace as the story evolved. At first I admit I thought it was a bit too melancholic for me. As I went on reading I had resigned myself for a bittersweet kind of book, hence the hilarity that followed caught me unaware. I am now thankful I wasn’t eating or drinking anything while reading, because I don’t think I would survive the gathering of Cassidy’s exes, old and new, unscathed.

And that brings me to the many characters of this book. I think I’m in love… with all of them – yes, even Tom, the last character to be introduced at the very end of the book. I think I love them all because each and every one of them was so very unique.

Cassidy is, ah, how should I put this, a man-whore you cannot fail to adore. He’s a natural charmer, irresistible, and insatiable, yet he’s also the most vulnerable creature in this little corner of the world.

Raised in richness Cassidy lack the love of his parents, who were both cold people, especially his father. Yet he was fortunate enough to spend his summer with his Sadie (she refused to be called grandmother) who loved him unconditionally. His grandmother’s unique personality and immeasurable love shaped Cassidy’s own character and gave him strength he otherwise might not have had to keep on fighting for her when she needed him to against his own father. Alas! His failure hunts him and guilt rides his heart. Finally, after years of legal fights Cassidy is able to bring his Sadie back home to Piper’s Point for the last goodbye. But he forgets one thing; Sadie was not only his, she belonged to Hart’s.

It is a journey really this book, a journey into growing up, owning yourself and the world around you, and finally finding and accepting love. Cassidy has to relive his past, own his present, and be open to his future, all the while Nate, his best friend, fist lover, and first and only love stands by him through his journey. I think those two are the world’s greatest teasers I’ve ever seen in a book. The entire read was one great tease, and by God even I felt I was about to lose it with Nate’s antics.

Spencer and Ollie, Cassidy’s best friends (and both exes), were an incredible couple adding humour and fun to the mix, as were Neil (the new ex) and Teddy (the second to last ex) with their rivalry over our man-slut. These characters had a great effect in dispelling the melancholic situation this entire story revolves around. And Natalie (Nate’s mother) *groans* oh my God, Natalie; I will remember this character and her kitchen scene for as long as I live. I’m still wincing inwardly for them damned bite-marks.

But the greatest character of them all for me was the deceased Sadie Hart, the great Lady of Piper’s Point. She was simply brilliant, even dead!

This is such a multi-dimensional book and I could talk/write for it for hours. In the end what you need to know is that it’s brilliantly written and that you will have the best time reading it. Strongly recommended!