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A Hidden Battle - Kathryn Scannell 2.5 Hearts
Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

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This story while it enticed me terribly with the psychic characters set in the WWII era also left me unsatisfied with its end.

Honestly I loved it all, Sam and Charlie, the Circle, the idea of blending WWII with paranormal activity. It was all so enticing, had me wrapped in its web instantly. But the fact that it was too short for this sort of plot, the fact that there was a great need for space and more development for the story to have a full impact on you, and the end that was so abrupt that left a hole in my feeling of this book, made me rate it so low.

I would have loved this idea to have been told in a full novel, or at least a novella. As it was it simply left me hollow, an emotion I don’t really appreciate after a read.