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Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour - Anna Marie May Now this story had me in its grip up until the end where it gave a real shake with.. well... ending like that.

The story is about Leif and his life. Not a love story although we have a glimpse of one that might or might not happen after the end. No this is the story of how Leif's life went from having everything a boy could ever want to losing it all in one night. The night he decided to come out to his family, admittedly they handled it very well and were very supportive, is the night they all die from a fire that was declared an accident. An accident that was attributed to Leif and his smoking habits.
Yes there is guilt in the scene, lots of it.

Ten years after his family's death Leif is forced to come back to his hometown to help his best friend with some troubles she's having. And that's when the hurricane starts. No way to describe what happens better. One accident after an other, with accident being a very loose term, attempts toward his life from mystery killers running loose. His sister's ex-boyfriend, now a grown man and very charming one might add, Mark, running all over him. What was once not the best relationship turns to right out dislike that leads to an explosive hot single minded sexual encounter. With all that happening all at one I wondered how Leif kept his sanity. And adding to the pile in this whole hurricane of unbelievable events is new found family. Two cousin, an aunt and an uncle invade his already mess of a life to claim him as the long lost and newly found family member.

Jesus I got dizzy reading this book. Every corner, every page had a new surprise event coming and you had to struggle to keep up with it. Poor Leif, what a character, an accident waiting to happen indeed, I loved him, but really he must be the most unlucky character I've read in, oh I don't know... ever? The most incredible part of this relatively short story for so many events, was his coming out as an author. The day he decided to drop his pen name is the day he nearly lost his life... again...

Meh, all these little dramatic events were extremely funny for me, I was laughing almost constantly, what can I say I find a tragedy comical and hilarious.
What I didn't like at all was Mark. That character... I don't know, but I wished Leif wasn't so attracted to him. I disliked him with a passion that nearly scared me. And my favorite character in this book, uncle Vito and Charlie (the cousin) were underdeveloped. Questions about them were left hanging and didn't help the rating at all.

For this book, while entertaining and fun, was also lacking. Like it stopped right in the middle of it. I wanted more, this entire book could very well be only the first chapters of a very nice novel. As it is, it was just an appetizer that made and left me hungry...