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Wishing for a Home (Home, #3)

Wishing for a Home (Home, #3) - T.A. Chase 3.5~4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Reader Advisory: This book is best read in a sequence as part of a serie.

Reader Advisory: This book was previously released at another publisher. It has been revised and re-edited for release by Total-E-Bound.

Now this was a lovely story, almost gentle and quite sweet. After a heavy dose of intense and heavy books that required all my concentration this one was almost relaxing.

Derek is a very famous Country singer. He has managed to achieve all he has ever dreamed, but the ugly truth is all that has drained him. His lifestyle, his constant tours, the publicity and most of all the fact he has to keep utter control and never allow people to know his true self have taken their toll. Now he’s burnt down, on the brink of the breakdown and in need of drug and alcohol rehab. Eight years ago this is all he wanted; now his soul is slipping away from him.

In a last attempt to save his brother from himself Eddie sends Derek to some friends’ ranch. It’s the perfect opportunity since the owners will be gone and Derek will have all the solitude he needs to get himself together. Of course Max, the foreman of the ranch, is not very happy with the arrangement. He has no wish to babysit a spoilt singer, but the moment he lays eyes on Derek his brain takes a vacation and he can’t seem to make his mouth work. Derek is one hell of a sexy man and max will have to keep far away from him if he doesn’t want to embarrass himself.

Well you can see where this story goes. I loved these men so much, I loved their flirting period, and the narration thank God was neither rushed nor corny. Max is that gruff character; he doesn’t say much, but what he says are somehow profound and inspire Derek into creating his most beautiful music to date. They both go into a relationship knowing it will be over by the end of the summer; that doesn’t stop either of them falling in love.

This was the point that I actually feared, I was expecting the corny stuff and I was pleasantly surprised with how good the author managed it. Now drama, no words of eternal love, no “I’ll do anything for you and follow you to the end of the world” lines. Thank you dear author for how you made it happen, I don’t think I could handle a different approach. I must admit that I had the laugh of the day when time came for Derek to leave and Max literally tells him that he won’t follow because they’ll end up hating each other, and then proceeds to wish him misery away from him, his greatest hope is that he’ll never get over their love and that Derek will hurt and suffer as much as he will. It was epic, it was bloody brilliant, it was so Max. It mostly surprised me because this entire read was so gentle and that comment hit me like lightning in the middle of a blue sky. Loved it!

I have avoided so far commenting on intimate scenes because I wanted to give first and foremost all the good points of this book. The sexual parts though not bad, did lack that certain something, that spark that takes your breath away. My expectations were extremely high due to both men’s past. Derek never having been in a relationship, with only few encounters here and there, and Max being the gruff guy with the fear of God when it came to relationships, I very well thought there would be lava melting sex/love involved. The intention might have been there somewhere, but the result was nowhere near that steamy hot etc. etc. And while normally that really bothers me I confess this time it was only a slight annoyance, one I could easily overlook because the story itself made me feel really, really good. In the end for me that’s what matters and I’d recommend this one to all lovers of western love stories.