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Out of Light and Into the Night

Out of Light and Into the Night - Wayne Mansfield 3 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Ok, what was the name of that movie again..? Can’t remember, but I’m hearing that damn song “Jeepers, Creepers” in my head right now. And the reason I’m hearing that song is because I’m having a slight déjà vu here.

Anyway, not much to add to the blurb there is it? Our lovely pair was abducted by Vampires (Jeepers, Creepers here) and practically used for sex. The naïve little Karl, thinking of revenge had me laughing a great time.  I mean he literally was threatening the Vamps’ Clan Leader.

Oh dear, this flash was quite hilarious. Mind you I had a beer, or two, while reading this and the fact it reminded me that thriller with those creatures sucking on people’s brain somewhere in the middle of nowhere surrounded by vast farmlands had me cracked up. Well same here, only these creatures, were not sucking brains rather other bits of flesh and to make it all better the two elder Vampires were in a jealousy fit between them for Karl’s juices.

And oh dear, the crude, brass text. Honestly it didn’t affect me on a bad way, in some deep pervert part of me I quite enjoyed the text and the language used, but really I don’t know if I should take this read seriously, or more as of a “tongue in cheek” kind of read. I think though it was just an imagination-gone-wild kind of read and well, I went with it and just had fun not really taking it seriously or expecting too much from it, but should I have taken that turn, damn I would have found this read quite frustrating what with the holes in the plot that were like a damn colander, the surreal things Karl and Daniel did just under the Vamps’ lair, and the cheesy lines that flowed once in a while.

Somehow though, I really, really liked the end of this story. A deep satisfaction ran through me reading it. Whatever the author’s intention though, I did had a laugh or two through this short read and if that’s what you’re looking for then go ahead and have fun. Whatever the case, you’ve been warned. :)