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Dancing on the Edge (Tales from The Edge)

Dancing on the Edge - L.M. Somerton 3~3.5 Hearts
Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Here I go back to the Tales from the Edge series and book three was actually quite appealing for me. Unlike the previews one, the relationship followed here was a solid one and both characters were equally charming and comfortable in their love.

Carey is a near forty years old man, and while the fear that his young lover will one day leave him for a younger one is there lurking in the corner, he is in a most delightful relationship with Alistair. Everything is quite sweet for them and I admit that this is one of the few D/s relationships I’ve read that managed to give me a sense of normality. I found everything, everything, about Carey and Alistair perfectly normal, sweet, and damn it like the relationship next door. They seem like an old marriage couple, that good, that comfortable, and that easy on the eyes and mind.

But life is never easy and when things were the most calm, that’s when the storm hit suddenly and violently. The plot is not a hard one; a bigoted father who for the sake of his fame and name puts his son into a “curing” clinic. We’ve seen this before and admittedly this story was kind of fun even if the subtext was a dramatic one.

That’s what made me like this read so much, beside the small length, and the many invasions. The time our main characters spent on letters here is yet again too little since Carey and Alistair are separated. But the story id filled with (surprise!) Olly and Joe, and Heath and Aiden as they came to the rescue. And while I was pissed in book #2 for not having much time with Aiden and Heath, well my wish was granted and we witness this pair in quite many scenes here as they do absorb quite a big chunk of space. And there’s of course Olly… you know… the little brat… No comment about his shenanigans, he is just a hurricane of a character bound to turn everything upside down in his pass.

So even as the story is not something hard or difficult, and even as there is again not much going on with the main characters, I still liked this one. It was fun, and it was funny. The bad guy was a bit of a surprise in the end. The second bad guy vanished and that pissed me off a bit, I mean, he deserved some jail time, but never mind. We got to meet some new characters that are probably going to feature on the next installments; I’m pretty sure Becket and Christian (how sweet as Olly said) are going to have their story and I’m quite interested into reading that one. So all in all it was an enjoyable, easy going read, with a nice pace and lacking the overwhelming drama.

I liked it!