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Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player 2 (Charlie Harding Presents)

Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player 2 - Patrick Darcy 3.5 Hearts
Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

And Conor comes back with another incredibly hot confession.

This time our favorite Gay Rugby Team heads to Denmark for the European Championship. This time there is no flashback to the game, rather we get to “see” the games as they happen; who qualifies, who doesn’t, and who wins the cup… Need I say more? Again I’m mesmerized by the brutality of the game, again I’m hooked. I feel as if I’m about to become a fan without meaning to, and damn it all to Hell, Greece should have rugby too. No! All Europe should have it and let us ogle those mouthwatering creatures.

But I digress! This is about Conor, that horny devil and his slutty ways, that by the way are a true addiction. As always the game of man-hunting never runs far from rugby for Conor, and the other way around. When he’s on the field the horny fantasies are not far from his mind, but when the field game is over, then I feel as if Conor has a one track mind. Get em down and f#ck em as hard as it gets.

This read in my opinion has it all. I often thought of it as written porn. The fantasies (that was one hell of a trick there with the Icemen), the events, the actual cum-shot, everything resembled a porn movie. Hard and fast, rhythmic and slow, rimming, bareback, felching and watersport kinks, even threesomes with double-penetrating. It had it all, and it knocks up your head with the intensity of the read the moment you open the book and start at it. And it is intense, and hooking, and gripping, and well pretty much a read you inhale in one go.

Beside the incredibly hot scenes and the erotic part of it, I’m happy to say that like the previous one, there is an underlying dose of humor throughout the text. A special brand of sarcasm that makes you melt, and unless it was my wild imagination there was also a touch of romance in the subtext. Now I might be out of my mind (always a possibility) but I thought I saw the sparks of… God knows what that was. I’m sure you all remember Sean from book #1 (if you don’t go back and re-read it, if you don’t have it, well get it already). There Sean was just a flash, so fast that he’s easily missed, but in this book Sean takes a good part of it with his presence. After all he’s part of the final threesome. Now again I might be seeing what I want to see, but was there something sparking there between the two of them? It felt like a prelude to some great, astonishing future buggering. If it’s true, and if this is the authors ultimate goal, I’m deeply intrigued as in how he’s going to approach that subject, and if it’s going to be one of those things that simply blow your mind away.

But all that is speculation. As I’m reviewing this one, there’s nothing more to say than: I truly enjoyed this as much as I did the first part, and can wait for book #3. And if you feel that the above are your thing and the rough and tough players do it for you, then by all means, go grab it. Totally recommended!