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Gray and Burnished Granite Seas

Gray and Burnished Granite Seas - Tray Ellis 3 Hearts
Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This was such a melancholic read it made me a bit sad and slightly unnerved me.

Frank had once a best friend, who eventually became his lover too. Considering he is now ninety-eight years old (that’s a lot), back when he and Tom were together things were not so easy for gay men, so their relationship must have been tight and closely guarded. However his memories are quite vibrant and pretty much alive in his mind.

He lost his Tom in the war, but no one ever took his place. Now-days Frank is simply waiting. He’s been waiting an entire life to get back together with his only love.

It is apparent that his time is running out, but when the Lone Sailor’s statue turns into his Tom, Frank is certain that he is dying.

Yet, as a song plays in the background Frank is granted a few minutes with his loved one, he is assured they will be together, and he’s also granted the time to say his goodbyes.

As I said this is a rather melancholic story, deeply romantic, and tugs to your heart. I liked it, the way it was told was very good and you could easily get lost in this, but I suppose I was rather unprepared for it.

However I don’t hesitate to recommend this to romantic hears out there.