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Seeking Hearts

Seeking Hearts - A. Catherine Noon,  Rachel Wilder 3.5 Hearts
Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

When I get a short story and the genre is sci-fi I get a bit wary. They are so tricky to accomplish, what with creating a new world and keeping up with your story in such short amount of space. However this one quite made it and provided me with a most enjoyable read.

The World: Persis, this planet is quite peculiar. Two suns shine in a mostly desert land, aka sand everywhere. There are also periods of times when both suns shine all day and night, hence a Daymonth, and when neither sun shines at all, hence Nightmonth. There are three Cities in this world and the rest of it appears to be desert land with the occasional Oasis in it. These Oases have hostels for the travelers to rest and move on to their destination, which bring us to the core of this story.

Now as a world I loved this one, so much so that I wouldn’t mind one bit a proper novel set on Persis. The language/voice used from the characters reminds me something akin to fantasy tales, with kings and knights. I liked it, it gave the read a different air, and it took it away completely from any resemblance with Earth.

The Romance: Rik is the grandson of a hosteller and he’s helping his opa for the Daymonth – a period of time when both suns shine so bright that makes it impossible to stand under their rays. Stranded there is something Rik doesn’t mind at all, but when Seeker Marc gets stranded there with him this relatively boring month seems quite exciting suddenly.

And this was lovely. I liked Marc, he is mysterious and dangerous, while quite sensual and protective as well. This was a character that made pay attention and wish for more of him. Rik was nice as well but he didn’t capture my “eye” same way Marc did. Both of them as a pair somehow didn’t quite work for me. I don’t know, another character might have suited Marc better.

The Action: So there was also a bit of suspense here as well. This fact nearly scared me on this books behalf. I mean it’s such a short one, do you really need to add suspense? It worked though, probably because it’s light and in the end when all reveals itself you get that “duh” face about you. It gave the story some spice, made it a bit more fun and funnier.

I the end all I have to say is: I love sci-fi and I loved this one. Do you?

P.S. Dear Author, write a novel about Marc pretty please. He is delicious!